Artist Statement                                                                                      

                                                                       The direction of my artwork is rooted in addressing

                                                                       notions of expectation and cultural attitudes as it

                                                                       defines our relationship to the natural world.  I am

                                                                       very interested in the relationship between nature /

                                                                       culture, society’s dependence on nature, and its

                                                                       influence over it.

                                                                      Often our attitudes and practices set us off balance

                                                                      with nature as we continue to indifferently stumble

                                                                      along with little regard for the resulting consequences.

                                                                      With this in mind, I find myself drawn to the

                                                                      manipulation of natural materials as a metaphor for society’s dependence on nature and ultimately its influence over it.  My choice of familiar materials and subjects, clearly reference the natural world while simultaneously invoking their cultural identity.  In doing so I look to point out the obvious, yet often ignored connections that exist between the natural world and the cultural attitudes  we project on it.

Bio                                                                                                              . 

Travis Graves has been a faculty member in the Department of Art and Design at East Tennessee State University since 2005.  He attended Iowa State University as an undergraduate where he received his BFA in drawing, painting, and printmaking.   He received my Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where his primary focused of study was sculpture.  As a graduate student Travis was awarded the International Sculpture Center’s “Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award” in 2003.  Before joining the faculty at ETSU he taught at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD).

Travis has received numerous grants and continues to exhibit both regionally and nationally.  Recent exhibition venues include The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA, The Urban Institute for Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, MI, The Brunswick St Gallery in Fitzroy, Australia, and One Brooklyn Bridge Park in Brooklyn, NY.


Travis Graves    /   /   Northeast Tennessee, USA

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